Thank you for your interest! Below are the types of service we offer, pricing and along with additional information regarding our makeup artistry. All clients are required to fill out a contract for beauty service packages offered below, in which, terms and conditions apply. If you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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Be naturally beautiful at any event with...a little touch!

PEARL Service - Level ii | $40 per person

This service provides a full face makeup application (i.e. eyes, face, brows, lips) excluding  eyelashes. Additional charges apply for eyelashes. Click here to view the special promotion for this service.

The below makeup looks are available for this particular service:


Work It

Color Pop

Total Diva

RUBY SERVICE - Level i | $20 per person

This service is focal point makeup application and the charge is per person per focal point. Customers choose which area of concentration they would like for the makeup application to be applied (i.e. eyes, face, brows, lips). Additional charges apply for eyelashes. This service is also available as a DIY one-on-one tutorial at the same rate.

To make an appointment for a consultation for an upcoming event, click here.

 Please note that pre-consultations are 30-40min scheduled appointments (free of charge) prior to bookings in order to meet face to face with the client to discuss their needs for their upcoming special occasion, products/services offered, colors, color matching, skin issues (if any) and address questions/concerns clients may have. Please note that a full face and/or focal point will not be done at the pre-consultation.

The prices above reflect in-studio prices only. Off-site prices varies depending on travel location. Contact us for details and pricing regarding off-site appointments.

KIT STAPLES | only the best for ALTA clients

ALTA uses high end professional makeup products in our beauty kit from top cosmetic manufacturers in the world. We take pride and happy to provide you with quality products you deserve from brand names you know and love, moreover,  ones that we keep locked away in our "treasure box" that are effective and provide stunning results with our application methods.

Get the LOOK...And be naturally FLAWLESS!

DIAMOND Service - Level iii | $60 per person

This service is strictly for bridal and commercial (film/stage) clients. This application is a full face application, in which, lashes are NOT  included in the price. Clients in this category  are required to book a month in advance to lock in their date and a deposit is required. All clients are required to fill out a contract for wedding services, in which, terms and conditions apply. Please contact to discuss your needs  for your event and set up a free consultation to discuss details.


The prices below reflect in-studio prices only.