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Kissing It Good-bye

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SLEEK MAKEUP | Cream to Powder Tester Kit is the BOMB!

Hey my ALTA beauties! Hope you are doing well! If you are reading this, I'm quite sure you are.

If you don't have this, you may want to think twice...or thrice. I'm a makeup artist and beauty blogger. I'm constantly on the hunt for products that are effective and true to their claim, particularly for oily skin (which I have). There are a lot of products that claim "cream to powder" but NEVER turns matte or give a matte finish, even with a mattifying primer!! Isn'€™t that annoying?? Some creme products (whether it be foundation or concealer), you can actually see a little oil after applying it, such as Graftobian HD Creme Foundation Palette (used to be my go to), Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, Cover Fx Creme to Powder (worse one out of them all). I loved Graftobian and Kevyn Aucoin but hated how the oil will show after applying it and I would have to use an oil absorbing powder to get rid of the shine. I was skeptical about Sleek Makeup but so glad I took a chance and wanted to test this out personally before buying products separately for my kit. Sleek got it right with this creme to powder tester kit because IT WORKS and IT DRIES MATTE TO A POWDER!!

I initially used it just for my eyebrows and I didn't get a glare of oil or slight glisten of oil as I normally do and would have to apply an oil absorbing powder or MUFE Microfinish powder where I used to clean up my brow. The color payoff for this is awesome and can be used as a concealer because it covers my dark circles in 1-2 swatch (and this is without using a color corrector); therefore a little goes a long way and it's blendable. The texture is creamy but not very creamy or liquid; it'€™s not as creamy as Kevyn Aucoin, Bobbi Brown (correctors) but kind of reminds me of MAC Studio Finish Concealer but I think much better as far as price point, payoff, and texture. If you have dry skin, you may not find this appealing; however, it worked well for me even in my dry spots.

My Eyebrow TIPS & TRICKS

1) Tools -- You will need at least 3 items which are: a) 1st Angled Eyebrow Brush b) Spoolie c) 2nd Angled Eyebrow Brush or a Flat Thin Liner Brush. Use a tool that works best depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

2) Product -- This is the crucial aspect because there are various products our there HE (high end) and LE (low end) that can be used to achieve the perfect brow.

3) Watch my Tutorial -- Want to learn how to get the perfect brow, right? Well you've got to watch me.

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Eyebrow Dilemma

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Have you tried
MAC's New Collection?? No, huh?
Well, let's talk about it soon!
A Little Touch Artistry

Sleek Makeup Cream to Powder Tester Kit   |  Medium

Going Bananas over Setting Powders!


Ok, so the whole highlighting game has changed....supposedly since the battle of the brands have entered a new oppenant. Oh yes, the very much talked about by many YouTube gurus, some MUAs, and just makeup lovers in general is none other than Sacha Cosmetics Kamaflage Buttercup.

Ben Nye: 1.5oz | $15  vs. Sacha Buttercup: 1oz | $20

But is it really better than Ben Nye, in which, everyone swore up and down about as their holy grail when Kim K's makeup artist exposed the beauty secret?

Well, I can break it down simply for you.

Is the quality better?
Sacha is more finely milled than Ben Nye, therefore, it feels more velvety soft. It picks up more product on the beauty blender as well. For both a little goes a long way.  Not chalky and provides excellent coverage just as Ben Nye.

Does it work the same?
Yes, they work they same. You can use it to set and/or bake your highlight. A little goes a long way, so its not necessary to pack a whole lot on. Its best to go over it with your skin tone powder to balance it out and give you a natural looking highlight. After multiple test on myself and clients, I have that its best used with MUFE Microfinish powder to prevent creasing.

Which one should I get?
Either one will work well. You get a lot of products with both so it will last you quite some time.

Does it have flashback?
If you put TOO MUCH on - YES, both will cause flashback. Its best go over it with your skin tone powder of both for a natural and balanced finish.

Check out the latest items in my collection

I'm super excited to try out some products sent to me by Camera Ready Cosmetics. I've heard a lot about these products so I decided why not give them a try. It can't hurt, right?

Senna Brow Book, Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, Ben Nye Eyeshadows, Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette (Eyeshadows), RCMA Shading Contour Wheel, La Femme Brow Pencils, Ben Nye Highlight Wheel and Graftobian Cream Blush Palette.

Make sure you come back to check out the LIVE swatches and a tutorial on these goodies.

New! | Goodie Bag Haul

A Little Touch Artistry

Yellow setting powders used to set highlighted areas on the face.

Battle of the Brands!